Acoustic Services

MRG Environmental can provide you with a highly skilled and knowledgeable acoustic consultant with experience across numerous large industrial, mining, infrastructure and agricultural projects. This experience encompasses projects throughout Australia, the Pacific Islands and Africa.

With comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory framework for noise assessment, MRG Environmental is well placed to assist clients to meet all compliance requirements. To ensure accurate and detailed solutions for our acoustic services, we utiliseĀ a variety of fixed and mobile monitoring installations as well as detailed noise modelling software packages.

Specialist Acoustic Services

  • Noise and vibration impact assessments for inclusion within Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Effects Statements (EES), Review of Environmental Factors (REF) and Environmental Evaluations (EE).
  • Noise andĀ vibration impact assessments for major roads, railways, ports and airports.
  • Noise and vibration impact assessments to accompany Development Applications for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential projects.
  • Design of noise control measures taking into consideration in situ constraints.
  • Construction and operational certification of noise control measures.
  • Peer review of noise impact assessments and acoustic design measures.
  • Expert Witness relating to acoustic matters.

Serviced Industries

  • Mining (coal and metalliferous extraction and handling)
  • Oil and gas
  • Infrastructure (road, rail, ports and airports)
  • Energy (wind, coal and gas)
  • Large industry
  • Intensive livestock farming (poultry farms, feedlots and piggeries)
  • Commercial developments
  • Residential developments including transport orientated developments
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