Environmental Management

MRG Environmental has extensive experience and knowledge in the complementary fields of acoustics and air quality. This dual-disciplinary focus allows us to provide a comprehensive review of the environmental management of acoustic and air quality emissions, with consideration to any flow-through consequences. We will conduct a thorough environmental risk assessment, identify all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements then develop an effective and efficient management plan for your organisation.

With MRG Environmental, you will have the benefits of extensive experience in the management and control of emissions from numerous facilities as well as infrastructure. We stay at the forefront of constantly evolving acoustic and air quality policy, guidelines and regulations to assist you in meeting current licencing requirements as well as plan for future obligations.

MRG Environmental can assist in the management of emissions in a number of areas through tailored management plans, monitoring installations as well as historical or real-time data validation.

Acoustics and Air Quality Environmental Management

  • Proactive and reactive management strategies
  • Preparation and implementation of management plans
  • Preparation and implementation of monitoring plans
  • Certification of plan implementation to meet regulatory authority requirements
  • Auditing and data evaluation

Monitoring Installations

  • Realtime, batch or trigger noise monitoring
  • Realtime or trigger vibration monitoring
  • Realtime or batch air qualilty (e.g. particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide) monitoring
  • Realtime meteorological installations
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